Secure the Future of Namdroling

Dear Friends Near and Far,

Namdroling Tibetan Buddhist Center is a beautiful spiritual center in the heart of southwestern Montana with a stable group of devoted practitioners. This dharma gem is now in transition. The last few years, the practitioner who owns the property, because of financial stress has been requesting that Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche and Namdroling look for sponsors to buy the property for the Palyul Lineage.  We thank her for holding this sacred place, blessed by our late Holiness, for eleven years. Recently a practitioner has stepped forward with an offering of $250,000 toward the purchase. We are a small sangha here in Montana, and we need your help in raising the remaining $600,000 of the purchase price.

Namdroling originated in 1998, guided by Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche who requested in 1999 that His Holiness Penor Rinpoche become our spiritual guide. His Holiness visited here twice and gave extensive teachings and innumerable blessings.  His Holiness advised our teachers, Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche and Khenpo Norgay Rinpoche, and the sangha that this temple remain in this blessed place for the benefit of all. Throughout the years many great lamas have come, including Holiness’ Heart Sons HH Karma Kuchen Rinpoche and HE Gyangkhang Rinpoche, all giving their blessings to the sangha, the land and the greater community.  Please help to make Holiness’ vision come true for perpetuity. When this goal is met, the center will be owned by the Palyul Lineage for now and future generations.

Donations for the purchase may be offered by check or PayPal.  Facebook fundraising is being implemented and will begin soon. Please mail checks to P.O. Box 10807, Bozeman, MT 59719, USA. Our PayPal donation link is:  On this page, please scroll to the donate button under “Sponsorship Levels.” Namdroling is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and contributions are tax deductible in accordance with the law.  100% of all donations, large or small, will go to the purchase of the center. Together our offerings can generate great merit and blessings for all beings.

From the sangha of Namdroling Tibetan Buddhist Center, we sincerely thank you for any financial help you can give. Together we can fulfill Holiness’ wish, and preserve Namdroling Tibetan Buddhist Center. The tremendous merit created by your generosity is truly without measure.

With Sincere Gratitude.
Khenpo Tenzin Norgay Rinpoche
Joy Johnson, Treasurer
The Sangha and Board of Namdroling

Namdroling Tibetan Buddhist Center

PO Box 10807, Bozeman, MT 59719, USA

phone: 406-587-2907

Cyber Shedra Distance Learning Program

Khenpo Tenzin Norgay Rinpoche &
Namdroling Montana
Invite you to Join

Cyber Shedra Classes for 2017

Dear Dharma Friends,

Khenpo Tenzin Norgay Rinpoche and Namdroling, Montana are happy to again offer the distance learning program – Cyber Shedra. Cyber Shedra was established by Namdroling and Khenpo Rinpoche in 2004 in order to help serious Dharma students receive pure Buddhist teachings. This is an exceptionally rare opportunity for students whose lives are mingled with the world and worldly responsibilities. A uniqueness of this program is that you study from your own device when and where it is most convenient for you.

Who teaches these sessions?

The teachings are given by Khenpo Tenzin Norgay Rinpoche from the Palyul Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Participants have the opportunity to receive teachings from and communicate questions to master Buddhist teacher Khenpo Rinpoche via email and the web. Lessons, assignments, practice instructions, and written question and answer sessions are incorporated into the program. For those who are interested, definitions of Tibetan/Sanskrit terms found in Session 1 are also available. For a biography of Khenpo Tenzin Norgay Rinpoche please see

How long is each session?

Each session progresses over an eight-month period (Oct. – May). The fall sessions begin anytime between today’s date and November 7, 2017. Your start date will depend on when we receive your registration.

How do I register?

You may register any time between now and November 7, 2017 by going to (If you plan to register but cannot send your fee until November 7, you may send us an email at and we will begin sending your class materials in October.) If you are a returning student, you may register for the session that follows your previous studies. You are asked to progress through the sessions in order, completing one session per year. Also, if you choose to repeat a session, you may register for the same session.

Would you like more detail?

Please see our website for a more complete explanation of the program, curriculum, materials, students’ commitments, fees, etc, Or you may call 406-587-2907.

We look forward to studying with all who are interested!

Khenpo Tenzin Norgay Rinpoche and 
The Namdroling Montana Cyber Shedra Team

Namdroling Tibetan Buddhist Center, Bozeman, Montana

Namdroling Cyber Shedra, PO Box 11835,  Bozeman, MT 59719,  phone: 406-587-2907


Sand Mandala Completion and Dissolution Ceremony

Completion at the Bozeman Public Library, Sunday, September 24, 2017, 1;00 pm Until Completion (Expected around 3:00 PM)

Dissolution Ceremony at the Axtell Bridge Fishing Access, Sunday, September 24, 2017, following completion of sand mandala at the library. Axtell Bridge Fishing Access is 3.4 miles south of Four Corners, Montana, Milepost 77 on Highway 191. Turn west onto Axtell Anceny Road. Drive 1 mile to river.

Everyone Is Welcome To Join Us

H. E. Gyang Khang Rinpoche

H.E. Gyangkhang Rinpoche Visiting Namdroling September, 2017

Public Talk, Teachings and Practices

His Eminence Khentrul Gyang Khang Tulku Rinpoche
Teachings and Practices– Friday, September 15 – Sunday, September 17, 2017


Saturday, September 16, 2017, 3:00 PM

Your $10 public talk offering helps to keep our Namdroling Center vibrant*


His Eminence will also lead and teach:
Friday Sept. 15  7:00 p.m Yumka Tsog
Saturday Sept. 16  10:00 a.m. Teaching on Meditation
Sunday Sept. 17  10:00 a.m. Medicine Buddha Empowerment,
3:00 p.m. Medicine Buddha Practice


A fee of $160 allows you to attend all events. This fee makes it possible for us to invite and support His Eminence, Khenpo Tenzin Norgay Rinpoche, and Lamas  while they are here. We appreciate your help.*


Everyone Welcome To Join Us For All Events

We hope to see you at Namdroling

*No one is ever turned away due to inability to pay.


Please check our website and calendar for updates and requested fees.


Chotrul Duchen

Chotrul Duchen, Day of Buddha Shakyamuni’s Great Miracles, March 12. 2017, 9:30 AM:

This day ends the 15 days of miracles and we invite you to join us in celebrating this most auspicious day. We will practice the Bodhisattva Vows, The Treasure of Blessings of the Ritual of the Buddha, and the Shower of Blessings tsog. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us in these traditional practices. Our practices are traditional Buddhist chants/prayers which have been created over time to calm our minds, respect the Buddhas, and bring us closer to our own Buddha Nature.

If you have them, bring your texts, flowers or tea lights (flameless candles are appreciated, too) for the beauty of the Temple, and a finger food for the feast. These are traditional offerings for Buddhist celebrations (along with any monetary donation you care to make). You are, of course, invited without any offerings at all, just come.