Namdroling Tibetan Buddhist Center

Namdroling Tibetan Buddhist Center in Bozeman, Montana is dedicated to the Palyul tradition of Vajrayana Nyingma Tibetan Buddhism. Namdroling’s guiding principle is that of Bodhicitta, or loving kindness and concern for others, as we realize that self-liberation is gained by bringing benefit to all living beings. Our aspiration is to nurture and strengthen our community by studying, practicing, and living the Dharma, and helping the greater community through acts of service and by sharing the Dharma with all who are interested.

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Lama Pasang in Residence at Namdroling, Montana


Please join us as we practice with Lama Pasang in the upcoming weeks at Namdroling.On November 26 and 27, we will be practicing Vajrakilaya with Lama Pasang and on the evening of the 28th we will finish with practice and a tsok. See our calendar for the times. You can read more about this amazing practice on our practices page on this website.

The following weekend, December 3 and 4, we will be doing a Lhadrub Tigle Gyachen retreat with Lama-la. Once again, please see our calendar for more information.

We are incredibly fortunate to have this amazing Lama with us. As many know, he has been lead omzed (chant master) for our late Holiness for many years. We hope all will join in these auspicious events.


Namdroling Tibetan Buddhist Center needs your ongoing support to bring the teachings of the Buddha to Montana. Click here to read more about how you can become a sponsor.


Namdroling is raffling off one of these precious tormas. Just $20 per ticket, and only 250 tickets will be sold.
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We will continue regular practices every Sunday and then on the Tibetan auspicious days as noted on our calendar. We also hold an open meditation group on Thursday evenings. Please see our calendar for more information.